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CoreAlign - This class will use the CoreAlign unit to focus on function, balance, strength and having fun exploring your movement. This class may include props such as rotator disks to challenge all planes of motion.

Pilates Powerhouse - This Pilates Reformer class focuses on balanced strengthening throughout your body focusing on support from your core or powerhouse to optimize efficiency of movement.

Pilates Sculpt - This Pilates Reformer class will focus on flexibility, posture, strength and moving your body in all planes of motion to improve whatever you love doing.

AM Amp'd - This Pilates Reformer class is for the early crowd. It is high energy and will wake you up (no coffee needed)!

90 minute Reformer - This is an advanced class that is focusing on your endurance, strength and flexibility.

Functional Pilates - This Pilates Reformer class is for all levels and focuses on the foundations that you need to improve your movement.

Before Brunch Reformer - This class will wake you up and get you ready for whatever adventure your weekend holds.

Combo Class-This class will include half on the Pilates Reformer and half on the CoreAlign melding the best of both worlds.

* All classes may use props such as the Pilates Arc, jump board, Pilates ring, balls, bands and balance disks

Levels are listed behind the class name: Many classes are multi-level and will have modifications based on where you are at in your practice

1 = Beginner

2 = Intermediate

3 = Advanced

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